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“Helping Our Missing Sisters.” Part 1

Thousands of Native American and indigenous women from the U.S and Canada have gone missing over the past several years.  The ones who return do so in a body bag…murdered. We’re talking about girls as young as twelve years of age and women well into their 30’s.  My name is Karen Eden Herdman. I am of native descent myself, and I also have 7 black belts. I am humbled to be a rare female grandmaster of martial arts. My way of helping with this cause is to personally go into tribal areas and teach native women how to defend themselves.   It’s unfortunate that Native Americans seem to remain so below

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Grandmaster Karen Eden
Grandmaster Karen Eden
Grandmaster Eden is the highest ranking female in her form of hand-to-hand combat with a 7th degree black belt and possesses a total of 7 black belts. She is very accomplished as a martial arts competitor, instructor, school owner, and motivational speaker. Her 4 books and numerous columns have also been an inspiration to many students and as well as leaders in the martial arts industry. Grandmaster Eden has also been recognized for her contributions in the martial arts with hall of fame awards and even outside the martial arts with a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

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