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Let ATLAS Make Managing Students as Easy as One-Click


As a school owner, it can be difficult to keep track of all your students in each program, especially if they are in more than one program. Do you find yourself spending 10 minutes or longer searching for a particular student and all the programs they’re in? Does each task take minutes that end up adding up to hours and hours of office work?

Doing endless hours of office work wasn’t what you originally signed up for. When you became a martial art school owner, you expected to be teaching classes and getting to do what you love, not stuck behind a computer desk.

Taking the time to sift through students can take up the time you’d rather be spending on the mat teaching or home with family, with ATLAS martial Arts Software you’ll be able to search and find a student and all the programs they’re involved in with just one click!

ATLAS offers filters similar to filters on product websites so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for without having to go through multiple webpages.

ATLAS Menu Bar

ATLAS Dropdown people listAs shown above, you can sort students by style, teams, programs, classes, ratings and SMS. Now with just one click you can find the student you’re looking for and view all the programs they’re part of.

This is just one amazing feature of ATLAS that can save you time and money. Want to discover all that ATLAS Martial Arts Software can offer?

to save more time and make more money with ATLAS Martial Arts Software or Call 1-800-275-1600


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