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Support Your Local Martial Arts School During the Coronavirus Disruption


If you’re training in a Martial Arts School/Academy, this is for you.

You can’t turn on the television, radio, or social media without being inundated by Coronavirus news. The virus and its response are disrupting virtually every sector of the economy, with the Martial Arts being no exception.

This situation has forced the cancellation or postponement of numerous large Martial Arts tournaments, events, seminars, some school closures, and other activities all over the world, including postponement of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Through no fault of their own, and despite their extreme efforts, these owners, promoters, organizers, and facilitators are suffering huge losses, putting their entire businesses and livelihoods in jeopardy.

Taking Action

Even though traditional Martial Arts school staff and students are mostly in VERY low-risk groups of the virus’ most severe symptoms, local professional Martial Arts schools in many areas have been ahead of the curve, taking focused measures to protect their students and staff, and serve their students at an even higher level during this disruption.

For example, schools are redoubling their cleaning and disinfecting routines, forcing hand washing/sanitizing, limiting interpersonal contact, and more to further reduce the chances of cross-infections.

In addition, many schools will be offering expanded online training opportunities for students who may be effected by quarantines, temporary school closures, or have a gap in attendance.

Students, Take Note

For students and families who feel ill, show symptoms, have a family member showing symptoms, or feel they need to self-isolate, many professional schools will gladly provide extra training opportunities and extra attention for students after returning from any absences, and in most cases will even “freeze” the time on the student’s program and re-add that time onto the end of the membership, so they don’t lose any training time and can still meet the goals they set when they enrolled in the program.

However, it’s important to understand that you should keep your tuition payments up to date. Martial Arts schools still have “hard” financial obligations that will not change under these circumstances; the rent on the facility, water, electricity, insurance, employee payroll, and much more still need to be paid, even if the school needs to temporarily close.

These local small businesses are largely a pursuit of passion for their owners, have very low profits, and depend on student tuition to survive.

If dozens of students suddenly stop paying their tuition, the effects on the school can be disastrous.

If you feel like you need to self-isolate, or have any other interruptions in your attendance, we highly recommend that you contact your instructor and discuss your options. I’m sure that together you can create some solutions that will work for you, your family, and the school.

We are stronger when we stick together, and together we can overcome ANY obstacle that comes our way!

Master Toby Milroy
Master Toby Milroy
Known as “The Master Systemizer,” Master Toby Milroy has positively influenced more martial arts schools then anyone in our industry. He has built a successful multi-school organization, lead the national trade association for the martial arts industry, and coached some of the most successful martial arts school operators in the world.

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