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Combative Weapons Q & A (Part 5)

The Japanese Art of Chanbara Promises Safe Sparring for All Martial Artists Q: Is sparring composed of mostly offense, or is there also a lot of defense? It is very difficult to block a weapon. Therefore, it is best to get out of the way and not get hit at all. Just imagine getting hit in a head on collision by a car when you are in a big truck. No matter how safe the bigger vehicle is you will be put into difficulty.  If one has a very strong offensive technique all opponents will have to evade. Here in the United States many schools teach an abundance of blocking

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Shihan Danna Abbott
Shihan Danna Abbott
is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu, starting his 14-year education in Tokyo. He has published five books and designed a US Patent. Abbott has also conducted seminars in over 30 countries and obtained his black belt at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers online classes on LearntheSword.com, his unique swordsmanship academy.

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