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The 3 Types of Power Breathing

What is the most important exercise in human life? Power Breathing! Use Power Breathing to exercise 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You will exercise even while you sleep! You don’t need to devote a single extra second or any money to breathing, because it comes naturally to you. If you don’t breathe, you will die, so you must breathe to survive. Of course, you will have to breathe. However, don’t just breathe, Power Breathe. Why do you need Power Breathing exercise? A healthy body requires positive blood circulation; positive blood circulation requires fresh oxygen. Maximizing fresh oxygen requires Power Breathing. Power Breathing is your top priority.

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Grandmaster Y. K. Kim
Grandmaster Y. K. Kim
is the most successful martial arts business leader in the US, having written over 30 books on martial arts, business, leadership, and success. He has won numerous public service awards and is the founder of the leading martial arts marketing and management company in the US.

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