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Get Complete “Done For You” Monthly Marketing Materials from AMS!


With our AMS and AMSkids monthly materials you’ll enroll more new students every single month with promotions and advertisements written by successful, professional copywriters using proven “in the trenches” martial arts marketing strategies. Combined with our super talented graphic designers and web designers, we’ll keep you on the cutting edge with changing market and business trends. Receive fresh promotions with eye-catching pictures and attractive headlines to give you the best low cost high impact promotions for rapid new enrollments in any economy.

Energize your classes and students with dynamic physical and philosophical martial arts instruction that creates life champions. The industry’s leading martial arts business educator’s team gives you the latest techniques, programs, and training to have the most advanced curriculum at your school. Utilize the top teaching methods and the best curriculum development principles to keep your students happy and coming back for more.

With your AMS and AMSkids packs you’ll gain insights from the brightest business minds through our special audio and video interviews with the top professionals. Receive direction on unique marketing, management, and instruction ideas that always turn a profit, enroll large numbers of students, and build higher retention. You can listen to these experts from home, the office, or even on the go and take the success secrets from the pros who know.

With the AMS monthly materials, you’ll receive a newsletter with the latest and greatest marketing, management, and instruction ideas to help your school grow. The pack also includes a motivational poster that you can hang up in your school to motivate your students, children and adult promotional materials that are different each month, the MA Times newsletter you can give to your students for supplemental instructional material, the AMS promotion of the month which is different each month and will increase your retention,enrollment and income, and the AMSkids Radio audio download and CD that provide fresh strategies to add impact to your instruction, increase your marketing effectiveness, keep up to date on the latest developments at AMS, and to answer questions you have sent to us.

AMSkids materials collageIf you have an after school program (and even if you don’t this pack can help you get started!), we recommend joining AMS kids. The materials you receive in the AMS kids pack are:


AMS Kids Promotion

A different promotion every month to get higher enrollment, retention, and income.

AMS Kids Newsletter

The newsletter will increase your business and instructional knowledge

A+ Mail

A+ mail is the introduction to each month’s upcoming activities, keep students and parents informed and get them excited about attending the A+ after school program so they continue their enrollment.


Instructor Guides

Let us make your Daily schedule ( spring camp, summer camp, and winter camp) with the Instructor’s Guides, which helps you through your daily schedule and always gives you ideas and games to keep students engaged. There’s also two short stories per week. In addition, use the back page to keep notes throughout the week while teaching and to rate your activities in case the students really enjoy a particular one.

A+ Worksheets

Give these daily activities to the A+ Kids while waiting for their parents to pick them up. These exercises are great for mental fitness.

Leader’s Edge Newsletter

Drive up your teen participation from the Leader’s Edge Newsletter features. It has three articles full of lessons.

Leader’s Edge Ad

This flier will attract teens to your school with a different ad each month.

amskids calendarCalendar

Post this motivational calendar to your school’s social media accounts.

Get all this and MORE by going to the AMS website to find out more and sign up or call 1-800-275-1600 to talk with a marketing specialist today!


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