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If You Hang Around Five Broke People, You’re Going to be the Sixth

First, let me say this: I know what it’s like; I’ve been broke! I grew up the child of an uneducated single mother in the mid-1970s (my parents got divorced when I was two), through the suffocating “Stagflation” era (high inflation, stagnant growth) in a low-income, agriculture-based community where the “best” jobs in town for the average person were at the local tractor factory or meat packing plant. I have vivid memories of walking home from the grocery store—because we certainly couldn’t afford a car—with my mother always carrying only one small bag of food because that’s all we could afford. I also have vivid memories of the pale brownish

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Master Toby Milroy
Master Toby Milroy
Known as “The Master Systemizer,” Master Toby Milroy has positively influenced more martial arts schools then anyone in our industry. He has built a successful multi-school organization, lead the national trade association for the martial arts industry, and coached some of the most successful martial arts school operators in the world.

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