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Stay Ahead of Your Competition

The future of martial arts is less violent and more practical for everyday living. Think about it . . . how many physical fights have you gotten into over the last five years? How many verbal confrontations have you gotten into in the last month? Most people have more verbal confrontations in a month (a week? a day?) than physical confrontations in five years. It’s just a benefit of living in a civilized society. If we want to survive as an industry, we must adapt traditional martial arts principles to 21st century needs. For example, one of the hottest issues of the year has been health care. While politicians argue

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Grandmaster Tim McCarthy
Grandmaster Tim McCarthy
is a martial arts educator with a master’s degree in education and a grandmaster rank in the martial arts. He has been instrumental in developing two industry-changing programs, plus has directed and been featured in hundreds of martial arts videos and webinars.

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