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The Best Block Is No Block At All!! (Part 1)

The best block is no block at all!! With that said, it is well known and documented that if you try to block an incoming weapon’s strike with your bare extremity, such as a forearm, it will definitely result in pain and more likely injury. Side stepping the strike and letting it safely pass you by is far more advantageous to you. There is an unwritten rule, which is…..in bare handed combat with no weapon involved other than your own conditioned body you could effectively block or deflect the incoming strike. Even if you were to be struck with force that incoming strike could be blocked, slowed down or deflected

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Shihan Danna Abbott
Shihan Danna Abbott
is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu, starting his 14-year education in Tokyo. He has published five books and designed a US Patent. Abbott has also conducted seminars in over 30 countries and obtained his black belt at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers online classes on LearntheSword.com, his unique swordsmanship academy.

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