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What Would You Do with an Extra $50,000.00?

Would you get a bigger school? New floors or new equipment for your students? Maybe buy a new car? Spending $50,000 isn’t really hard. Most people already know what they would do with the money. The main problem for most of us is earning that extra $50,000. Fortunately, you are a martial arts school owner, so making an extra $50,000 is not that hard. All you need to do is start an AMSkids program that offers after school martial arts and a summer camp, and you can do it this year. It’s not magic. It takes work, but most martial artists I know aren’t afraid of work. The difference is

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Mr. Sean Lee
Mr. Sean Lee
is the Director of Sales and Marketing for hundreds of martial arts schools, who specializes in online and social media marketing using his extensive professional experience in sport and martial arts marketing, contract negotiation, and investment.

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