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My Formula for Living

A while ago a young man approached me after his Black Belt test to ask me if I had any formula for living based on my life experience. To tell you the truth, he caught me a bit off guard. I wasn’t really prepared for his question and gave him some random ideas and half-baked thoughts. Although he appreciated it, I wasn’t happy with my response—it got me to thinking that we probably all should have some kind of formula for living, shouldn’t we? After putting a good deal of thought into this young man’s question, I came up with the formula for living that I would have liked to

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Hanshi Dave Kovar
Hanshi Dave Kovar
is an 8th degree black belt and recognized as the “Trainer of Trainers”. Master Dave Kovar is an internationally acclaimed instructor with black belt degrees in ten different martial arts styles. His systems have been implemented in hundreds of schools around the US.

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