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greatest martial artists

Our Very Own Master Toby Milroy to Be Included in the...

The “World’s Greatest Martial Artists” collection, produced by world-renowned martial artist, publisher, and author Ted Gambordella, is a tome featuring hundreds of the best...

Trust Someone Who’s Been There – A Martial Arts Business Mentor

AMS was founded by martial artists for martial artists so we understand your needs. There is no shortage of banks and fitness center management...


Joe Corley column

Reflections, Gratitude, Goal Setting, and Legacy

As I was running today, I was thinking about the new edition of the Who’s Who in Martial Arts: Masters and Pioneers, produced by...
Sean Lee column

How to Attract FREE Publicity for Your School

We all know that marketing can make a big difference in your business. Getting new students to enroll is the cornerstone of any successful...
Grandmaster Bill Clark column

The Critical Importance of a Positive Attitude

“If there were just one word I could use to describe a successful person, it would be ‘attitude.” —Bart Starr Getting someone to admit they...
Hanshi Dave Kovar

Guidelines for Keeping Your Team In Sync, Part 2

Without a doubt, one of the most important ingredients to having long-term success in the martial arts industry is having a cohesive team. As...
Gary Lee column

There is Meaning to Rank in the Martial Arts, Part 1

I don’t understand why someone would fake their history and rank in the martial arts. It is their lineage, the lessons received and learned....

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Zen Body Mindfulness

Develop Your ‘Inner Art’ With GM Jessie Bowen

Meditation is defined as “a state of mind in which you focus on a certain object that enables you to practice your attention in...

Ki Centers: Your Seven Wheels of Energy

Ki” means Universal Energy. The Eastern civilization has been utilizing the power of the “Seven energy wheels” for centuries. Asian therapeutic modalities and concepts such...
Money clip.

From Six-Year-Old to Six Figure Salary

You’ve trained extremely hard to become a successful, respectable martial artist. You’ve invested a lot of time, sweat, and money in your school. You...

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ISKA logo

U.S. Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships Announces July 1–3 as New Dates

The U.S. Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships, held annually at Disney World in Orlando, FL, has released the latest dates for the 2021...
ISKA Disney Resort

ISKA US Open Announces New Dates

The ISKA US Open, held annually in Orlando, FL, has released the newest dates for the rescheduled tournament. The event will be held at...
Masters and Pioneers martial arts Chuck Norris

AMAA Chuck Norris Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers 2nd Edition Released

The American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation (AMAAF) held its Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award Ceremony and Leadership Conference on...
martial arts authors month

Martial Arts Authors Month Honors Legend Chuck Norris

The American Martial Arts Alliance Institute, founded by Jessie Bowen, has declared November Martial Arts Authors Month. The event promotes martial arts authors and...

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Troy Dorsey profile

Advice From a Champion

Master Troy Dorsey is an 8-time world champion with a combination of kickboxing and boxing titles. He began training in the martial arts in...

Impact Martial Arts

Martial Arts World News magazine is your #1 source for Martial Arts Business News We are profiling martial arts schools and organizations of all types...
martial arts studio

Martial Arts World of Hunter’s Creek Increased Revenue by $10,000 a month!

Chief Instructor Mike Earl has a 1,900 sq. ft. school in a suburb of Orlando that has been open for about 3 years. He...

Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts

Martial Arts World News magazine is your #1 source for Martial Arts Business News We are profiling martial arts schools and organizations of all types...


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