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The 8-Step Student Progress Check

Who doesn’t want their students to get the best martial arts training possible? The 8-Step Student Progress Check was developed at our schools to verify the quality of training and to offer an excellent method for improving communication with students and parents. It’s a powerful tool for strengthening your retention, adding new white belts with confidence, and dramatically increasing the percentage of students who will train to black belt and beyond. Below is the eight-step structure we use at our own schools Thank them for being a student. Ask them what they enjoy most about training. Ask them how the program can be improved. Talk to them about where they

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Hanshi Dave Kovar
Hanshi Dave Kovar
is an 8th degree black belt and recognized as the “Trainer of Trainers”. Master Dave Kovar is an internationally acclaimed instructor with black belt degrees in ten different martial arts styles. His systems have been implemented in hundreds of schools around the US.

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